Item of the Week – Coffman Wagon

Item of the week – August 23, 2013

Covered wagons have long held an iconic place in the real and storied past of the
American frontier, and in the late 1700s, Lewisburg was the edge of the western frontier.  The main purpose of the wagon was not to transport people but to deliver raw materials from the countryside into the city and finished goods back to the frontier.  The Coffman family traveled between Lewisburg and Richmond, Philadelphia, and New York City for up to five months at a time.


This wagon is currently on display in the Wagon House on the North House lawn in Lewisburg.  The display was recently updated by our summer intern, Allyson Miller, and will teach visitors about this type of wagon, how it was restored, and why it’s so important to the Greenbrier Valley.

Unable to make it to Lewisburg to see the new display?  No worries!  The following images are included in the new display.  But make sure to check out the Wagon House the next time you’re in the area!






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