Item of the Week: Photo of Court Street

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Item of the Week: August 30, 2013

This historic photograph from the Greenbrier Historical Society’s Archives depicts downtown Lewisburg, circa 1920. The photographer is facing North at the intersection of Court and Randolph Streets. The Greenbrier County Courthouse is on the right and the Old Lewisburg Hotel is on the left. It is believed that the Lewisburg Hotel was first operated by George D. Farr of Washington, DC around 1910. It had several owners over the years. In 1950, the name was even changed to “Wright’s Inn” when it was purchased by Oscar V. ¬†Wright and his wife Walone Elizabeth Wright. ¬†Today, the building is home to the Paul S. Detch Law Office.

Note the dirt road, telephone poles, and early automobiles. You can even see an example of 1920s fashion on the women walking in front of the Courthouse.