Item of the Week – Soldier Bibles




Item of the Week – August 9, 2013

These bibles were carried by soldiers during the American Civil War. They served not only as a reminder of the family left at home. Often soldier bibles functioned like dog tags – if a soldier was wounded or killed, his family could be located and contacted. These three bibles belonged to three local confederate soldiers:

Charles T. Holliday: Confederate, 26th Battalion, Virginia Infantry, Company D
Private William H. Callison: Confederate, 27th Regiment, Virginia Infantry, Company E
Lieutenant Thomas L. Feamster: Confederate, 14th Reg. Virginia Calvary, Company A

Item of Week – August 2, 2013



In 1903, this cornerstone was placed in the new building of the Lewisburg Female Institute by the entire graduating class, whose names appear on the stone. When the building burned in 1921, the stone was saved

Item of the Week – July 5, 2013



Item of the Week: The Saber & Sash of Harvey Harrison Tuttle
Tuttle was born in September 1842 in Springfield, Ohio. at the age of 19, he enlisted in the 44th Ohio and was appointed Corporal of Company F. The sash and sabre (pictured above) were worn during the Battle of Lewisburg in May 1862. Tuttle was honorably discharged in December 1862, on account of a wound he recieved at Georgetown, Kentucky. While stationed on picket duty at Georgetown, Tuttle was climbing a fence when his gun accidentally discharged, blowing the 3rd finger from his left hand. Tuttle had previously lost the 1st and 2nd finger on the same hand at the age of two. After leaving the Union army, he enrolled in Wittenburg College and became an ordained minister.

On Wednesday July 3, 2013, the Greenbrier Historical Society was pleased to welcome the descendants of Harvey Harrison Tuttle (pictured below).


Item of the Week – June 28, 2013



Item of the Week: Greenbrier County Land Warrant Entry Book
The archivists at the Greenbrier Historical Society are currently preserving the original Greenbrier County land warrant entry book.  Ranging from 1780 to 1839,  the book contains over 700 pages of land surveys. The goal is to make this resource available to researchers.

ITEM OF THE WEEK – June 21, 2013



ITEM OF THE WEEK: 1869 portrait of Mattie Ould.
Mattie was chosen as Belle of the Old White Resort because of her outstanding beauty, charm and wit.  But her story has a tragic ending.  Mattie eloped with a penniless Richmond artist that her father did not approve of.  Her father disowned her and she died in childbirth shortly after.  She begged to see her father one last time, but he refused and she died without his forgiveness.  This hauntingly beautiful portrait is on display at the North House Museum

Item of the week – June 14, 2013


This week’s Item of the Week comes to us from the Collections Room.


This image of Weyers Cave in Augusta County, Virginia is a lithograph by Edward Beyer from 1858.  Beyer was a German artist who traveled through western Virginia painting many beautiful landscapes. He eventually had his paintings made into lithographs that were bound and sold as the Album of Virginia.

Many of Beyer’s lithographs can be found on display at the North House Museum.